Warm Calls vs Cold Calls

Since 1984, DataSafe Inc. has been a leader in Information Management in the Pacific Northwest. As other shows came to town, we’ve grown through the power of referrals and long-term relationships.  We don’t send you over to a far away state or another country for customer service. In fact, our central business office continues to reside in the purpose-built Data Vault that we’ve been in for years, and that’s where we make our phone calls.

Starting a relationship requires a lot more than automated emails or someone slinging elevator pitches and pushy rebuttals to your “objections”. Instead, we call asking for your permission to provide information and proceed only if it makes sense for you to use our service.  

We will be making MANY calls over the next month because we’re looking to grow with some new friends.

So when you receive a call from our company – don’t stress! We aren’t trying to sell you because we feel that’s a little presumptuous. Rather, consider our first phone call a handshake and telling you about ourselves. After that, like any friendship, you can measure our character and choose to do business if you like.

Or, if you’d like to just skip our “warm” call and get some information right away visit:



MyHeritage Data Breach — DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

I hate seeing news like this.

If you are a MyHeritage customer, change your password. Now. Here’s how. This is late breaking news. If you were a MyHeritage user before October 27, 2017, your e-mail was included in a data breach at MyHeritage. MyHeritage was informed of this breach less than 6 hours ago. MyHeritage is doing the right thing by […]

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Why Use Document Shredding Specialists — Document Shredding

This a great article from Document Shredding Specialists why you should go with a service like that at DataSafe Inc



Identification burglary is raging and also it not just strikes individuals yet also to services, their employees, as well as their customers. In addition to making sure that your workers’ information is secure you could likewise ensure the honesty of your service while maintaining your reputation. If a consumer’s information were to be swiped and […]

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Trashapalooza: Living Large With Two Paper Shredders — THE SPECTACLED BEAN

And this, ladies & gentleman, is why our company exists. Why be bored with a shredding project when you can just call a local company like DataSafe Inc and get it done with quickly!


Stop calling, we have a winner for the most boring Project ever. • • • Welp, I’m back. And living in a house that has not one, but two, electric paper shredders in it. Try not to be jealous. You see, last week when the ungodly hot and humid heat wave hit our region, I […]

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Quick, Off-Site Document Shredding Service

Do you have a box full of junk mail, financial records, or other important paperwork at your house?

One of the quickest services we can provide to folks with less than 10 boxes of paper is our Offsite/ Box collection service.

We do this service for $35.00  (100 lbs)  or $50.00 (200 lbs of paper). We can be ready to serve you by the next business day when you call.

To learn more, visit us: http://www.datasafeinc.com/ongoing-scheduled-document-shredding/

Shred Day Events

Whether it’s business or residential, DataSafe Inc. provides reasonable rates and a great experience for Shred Day service.

For business clients, it’s a 2-hour minimum service for $400.00 (or we’ll beat the best price you can find).

For residential clients, we have a 1-hour minimum service for $200.00.

We will also provide discount pricing for anything over the minimum, so check us out today!

Visit us: www.datasafeinc.com

Or call us at 503-620-3423