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Not only will natural cleaners make your life better, they will virtually eliminate that bad smell in the house and they’re surprisingly inexpensive to create with simple ingredients that you probably already have in your home. Pic by: FOCAL POINT/SHUTTERSTOCK If you’re wanting to pitch those toxic, commercial household cleaners and switch to natural, homemade cleaner, […]

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Document Scanning in the Mailroom Offers Security, Efficiency and Savings — Good Stock Invest

Does this scenario sound familiar? At firms where document conversion processes are not in place, valuable time is being absent opening and preparing mail for internal distribution manually. Because of the large volume of mail, important documents are often misplaced, left in unsecured settings, or not delivered on time or to the right person. If […]

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Cinnaminson High School Students’ YouTube Lip Sync Video Back Up After Sony Rescinds Takedown Notice — CBS Philly

Follow CBSPHILLY Facebook | Twitter CINNAMINSON, N.J. (CBS) — A South Jersey high school is lip sync video video is back up on YouTube after Sony rescinded its takedown notice. Cinnaminson High School teacher Sean Wilson told CBS Philly last week that Sony took issue with his Advanced TV Production students using 30 seconds of Wham’s “Wake…

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Clutter can become a problem in the workplace whether your business is large or small. In fact, the average office worker in the U.S. will use up to 10,000 sheets of paper every year. That number multiplied by the size of your workforce equals a lot of paper and a lot of clutter, both of which will add up when you’re not looking.

As such, it’s essential for organizations to design a strategy for proper document collection and destruction. Without an organizing strategy, a business may suffer from a slew of problems.

Clutter increases risk of data breaches
Approximately 16.2 million people were affected by data breaches in 2015 alone. A data breach is when confidential information is accessed by criminals or another unauthorized person.

When important data is clustered around the office, it’s more difficult to determine how the data was breached, when it was breached, and who accessed the information. Therefore, clutter becomes not just an eyesore but also a security threat. It may be in your best interest to schedule your document shredding frequently to keep such clutter from overtaking your office.

Clutter impacts time and reputation
The interior space of a business tells employees and clients what your business is and what you stand for. An office space that’s disorganized and cluttered gives an unprofessional vibe.

What’s more, a cluttered workspace makes it that much more difficult for employees to work. Production time is lost for every minute a worker spends searching for missing paperwork. Therefore, when you schedule your document shredding with a professional shredding service, not only do you reduce clutter in your office but you also increase production value.

Clutter influences company culture
One of the leading causes of a high turnover rate is company culture. Unfortunately, how a workspace looks can negatively impact a company’s culture. Clutter in the workplace can increase employee stress by giving a visual cue that their work is far from over. As a result, office clutter can cause employees to become more anxious, less productive, and less creative.

How to reduce office clutter
Fortunately, clutter is a relatively easy problem to fix. Begin by implementing a cleaning policy that reduces the amount of garbage and paperwork on employees’ desks. Next, consider using secure document destruction services to safely destroy outdated and unnecessary documents.

Shredding services can help to keep your workplace clear of clutter and safe from identity theft. For more information on document destruction, schedule your document shredding with Data Safe today.

Why you should consider DataSafe Inc for Drop-Off Service.

There are times when you need your sensitive information somewhere secure or shredded right away. We do our best to reach deadlines that our new customers have but sometimes the commitment we make to our recurring clients doesn’t allow for it for 3-5 business days. It is during a scenario like this that I recommend taking advantage of our Drop-Off Service at our Tigard Vault.

This is a service similar to those provided by UPS, FedEX, Staples or a postal store of some kind, but there are a lot more perks with dropping it off with us.

  • Our price is $0.65/lb vs the standard for other drop-off locations, which will collect $0.95- $1.05/lb. For a full standard box the difference is $16.25  vs  $23.75 a box.
  • If you bring it to our facility, even if we can’t shred it right away you boxes will be stored until the truck arrives the same day or next day. This is much more secure than a retail environment.
  • You know that your dollars are going to a local company, rather than some massive corporation. Most locations that offer drop off service work with Iron Mountain or another large company.
  • We’re open every weekday 9-4.
  • We offer bulk rates if you have more than 15 boxes.

Do you have some boxes of paper shredded?

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